Persuasive/Discursive Essay

The most important thing you need to consider when planning to write your essay is the topic. Well-written essays on well-worn topics don’t tend to access the full range of top marks. By writing about a topic that has been discussed to death you are also putting yourself into direct competition with other candidates (past and present) that will cover the same arguments and might even use the same facts/figures.

Avoid – Euthanasia, Abortion, Capital Punishment, Size Zero, Animal Testing etc…

Persuasive writing, in my opinion, gives you more scope to impress with your use of writing techniques that aim to convince your reader. If you choose to write persuasively, you will also need to select a stance as well as a topic.

Example – Your topic might be to do with the Internet and Music and my stance might be – “The internet has devalued music.”

It is vital that you thoroughly research your topic to avoid making ridiculous and naïve arguments. It is also helpful if you actually care about the issue you are exposing and the stance you are presenting.

Not every topic suits this method but it is worth considering what you want to happen as a result of your persuasion.

Topic – Being an ‘Ethical Consumer’

Stance – The greed of consumers for the latest gadgets has resulted in some terrible working conditions for people in foreign lands

Result – I want my audience to avoid buying products from companies that use factories that have a poor record for the treatment of their workers

Early Stage Planning:

  1. Pick out a few different topics you might be interested in writing about
  2. Run the topics past me before you research a poor topic choice
  3. Research the different topics – highlight key arguments, key facts
  4. Consider your stance – What do you feel about the issue now that you know more about it?

Post your topic ideas in the comments section below.

Mr. Adam


6 responses to “Persuasive/Discursive Essay

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  2. Sports should become a bigger part of school.
    Is that okay for a topic for a persuasive essay ?

  3. Shellie O'Connor

    Hey, can you please forward me my topic question??? Thanks=D

  4. Shellie O'Connor

    Thank you

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